Morgan Wallen Leaves 60k Fans Confused After Cancelling Show Just 5-Minutes Before The Start

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Fans of Morgan Wallen are wondering what the F is going on with the singer/songwriter after he cancelled a show just 5-minutes before he was set to take the stage.

Just before Wallen was set to take the stage a massive message appeared on the huge monitor over the stage.

Many fans are wondering if Wallen truly lost his voice or if maybe he was enjoying himself a little too much with adult beverages throughout the day and before showtime.

Most singers know throughout the day if their voice is shot or is going to be shot for a show — not five minutes before showtime.

Needless to say, fans were a tad pissed off after driving to the venue, battling massive crowds, buying over priced booze and food and then being told to just leave ‘safely’.