Maine Massacre – Man Allegedly Killed 4 Before Shooting At Vehicles While Driving Down The Interstate

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It was a scary day in the state of Maine yesterday after a man drove down Interstate 295 popping off rounds at vehicles as they casually drove along minding their own business.

The shooting rampage resulted in three people being shot and many other vehicles riddled with bullet holes. Of the three people shot, one of them remains in critical condition.

The highway shootings took place in the town of Yarmouth, just outside of Portland, Maine.

Shortly after the highway shooting, police learned that there were four bodies discovered at a home near the scene of the highway shooting. Come to find out, both situations were connected.

Police arrested 34-year-old Joseph Eaton and charged him with the four murders and random highway shootings.

‘Please forgive me!’ Joseph ‘Joey’ Eaton, Bowdoin, Maine man shares Facebook video day before Bowdwoin and I-295 shootings discussing previous trauma and asking for forgiveness. Had extensive criminal history and was forbidden from owning weapons.

While this is a horrific event, it does show how the system may have failed Eaton. For some reason, the system is designed to allow predators to receive a slap on the wrist for committing offenses against children. Many times, all across the country there are news reports that show an arrest of a predator for a horrific crime against a child — only to be released on a very small bond. Typically offenders serve very little time in jail, are released and reoffend.

Joseph Eaton (Facebook)

Eaton, a Bowdoin resident, was transported to Two Bridges Regional Jail ahead of an initial court appearance later this week.

Interstate 295 was shut down for hours before authorities opened it late on Tuesday afternoon. Investigators are expected to work through the night processing multiple scenes and interviewing witnesses.