Fan Catches Rookie Baseball Player Jordan Walker’s first MLB Home Run Ball & Returns It To Him

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Baseball is one of those sports where, while competitive it is still filled with kindness — for the most part.

Often times fans catch homerun baseball’s and many times those fans simply keep the ball. In rare times, they keep a milestone homerun ball and end up selling that ball to a collector for big $$. And then you have the times when a milestone ball is caught and returned to the player that worked so hard to hit that milestone in their life — and that’s when the game can make anyone a little teary eyed.

That was the case this past week when a rookie St. Louis Cardinal’s player Jordan Walker rocked his very first Major League Baseball homerun. Walker’s family was in attendance to watch as Walker’s hard work to make it to the majors…paid off!

I played baseball growing up and every¬† kid that plays baseball seriously has the same dream…to hit a homerun on the majors!

The fan that caught Walker’s first homerun ball didn’t want to keep the ball, but rather return it to the young rookie to keep forever.

Walker was incredibly grateful and signed a jersey for the fan. The two even talked about going fishing together someday. Check it out!