Montana Hunter Believes He Captured An Alien On His Trail Cam

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Alien and UFO sightings seem to have increased big time over the last few years! In addition, the US Government finally admitted that there is a secret government agency that does nothing but research and study UFO’s.

The western United States has long been a hot spot for UFO and alien sightings. From New Mexico to the Dakota’s. But this time, a super creepy video has emerged from Montana!

According to KXLF, hunter Donald Bromley caught some obscure pictures on his trail camera.

While the photo taken from the trail camera is grainy and blurry, it does seem to depict a ‘typical’ alien – large head, long arms, etc. In reality, this could very well just be a human with no hair – but it’s way more exciting to think of this as an out of this world being!

Bromley truly believes that it’s extraterrestrial. He has analyzed the video and images closely.

He said:

“The more I look at it was just odd, it was out of place and everything just matches the alien persona the bigger bulbous head, you can tell he has no clothes, it’s kind of a transparent being.

It’s just very rich in the paranormal field, like the UFOs, lights in the sky unexplainable things.”

Montana is actually quite the hotspot for UFO sightings and one Montana resident is aiming to prove it to the world!

Filmmaker and investigator Patrick Cutler, is putting together a documentary about the strange phenomena that’s occurred at Redgate. We can’t convince you that aliens are real, so you will have to be the judge!