Turn A Dominos Pizza Into A Gourmet Meal By Following This Iron Chef’s Simple Instructions

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YouTuber Jet Bent-Lee runs a Youtube channel where he shares super cool videos of various chefs around the world – creating unique and tasty dishes!

This is where you are able to watch Iron Chef Susur Lee turn an ordinary Dominos pizza into something quite impressive!

In order to create a gourmet meal out of Dominos pizza, Lee begins with two pizzas. Using a roulade technique, Lee begins. If you are unfamiliar with what ‘roulade’ is, here is the Wikipedia definition.

*A roulade is a dish of filled rolled meat or pastry. Roulade can be savory or sweet. Swiss roll is an example of a sweet roulade.

Photo: YouTube/Jet Bent-Lee

Both pizzas are wrapped up in MORE dough! The end result may be filled with a ton of carbs, but boy oh boy does it look tasty!

Photo: YouTube/Jet Bent-Lee


Once the roulade is cooked, the dish just keeps on getting better! The roulade is cut and then topped with even more tasty toppings. Adding burrata, avocado, quail egg, caviar, and chopped chives really adds a gourmet touch to the dish!

Photo: YouTube/Jet Bent-Lee


Sure Dominos pizza is pretty great! But I must admit, this roulade looks absolutely incredible! How cool would it be to call up Dominos and order an all meat, double pizza roulade?!?

Check out the video below and learn how to make your own Dominos roulade – it will surely impress your friends!