Move Over Cheese Balls, Cotton Candy Balls Are Here To Take Over

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Over the years, many of us are probably guilty of taking down a half a tub of cheese balls alone, then regretting it big time, only to do it again. But over time, cheese balls just get a little boring, so lucky for you — there is a new snack in town that is ball shaped!

It’s a new form of cheese balls, except they taste just like little balls made from actual cotton candy. So if snacking on some sort of chemically induced treat, with no nutritional value what so ever is your thing — then you must check out the cotton candy balls!

The unique snack actually has been out for a few years, but only recently has it become available in giant-tub form.

The cotton candy balls come in either a 15 oz tub atĀ Biglots, or an even bigger version on Amazon that’s anĀ 18 oz tub. The 15 oz tub contains around 650 cotton candy balls. Which should last you about 15-minutes or so!

Oh…and they will definitely turn your mouth crazy blue!