There Are Now Heated Slippers That Also Massage And Compress Your Feet

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During those cold winter months, you no doubt need to keep your feet warm and regular slippers just won’t cut it! There are heated hand warmers and even heated mouse pads for the workplace…so why not heated slippers?

But these slippers aren’t just heated, they will actually massage your feet while keeping them toasty warm. They’re called the massaging heated therapy booties, and they might just be the ultimate way to relax on a cold winter night.

The heated slippers have built-in compression that will squeeze and release your feet, along with vibration mechanisms — so basically they are like having a tiny masseuse hanging out on your feet.

Combine that with the heated functionality of the slipper booties and you will be in relaxation heaven!

The slippers have a corded remote that allows you to control intensity of the slippers, including the heat, compression, and vibration. There is also a 9 foot cord that plugs into any wall outlet — so you probably don’t want to walk around while these are plugged in. But just detach the cord and you are free!

The heated massaging slippers will fit up to a men’s size 12 shoe size. You can tighten the slippers with a stretch cord too!

The slippers will also shut off after 15-minutes, for obvious safety reasons! Which is probably a good thing since you could easily fall asleep quickly after putting these on.

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