MTV Star Refers To 9/11 As 7-Eleven While Visiting Memorial Site And Making Tribute Video

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Farrah Abraham, once MTV Teen Mom star turned amateur porn star, misspoke at an especially unfortunate time and place.

Farrah referred to the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack as “7-Eleven” while making a tribute video at One World Trade Center with her daughter in honor of the tragedy’s 18th anniversary. Though Farrah didn’t seem to notice her slip-up, followers sure did – and that wasn’t the only reason they found the clip in poor taste.

Followers of Farrah’s quickly jumped all over the comment section of her video to let her know just how disrespectful her comment was. In addition to the 7-eleven comment, her follows also had an issue with other parts of the video.

At one point, Farrah said her and her daughter were ‘Enjoying’ the memorial. Commenters felt that she should not be ‘enjoying’ the memorial, rather sharing an experience with her daughter.

As if all that wasn’t enough, commenters were not happy about Farrah bragging about how her memorial tour tickets were given to her free. The rest of the video was spent talking about how great her dining experience was.