No Toilet Paper? No Worries. The Company ‘Clear Rear’ Has Your Backside!

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One company wants you to forget about toilet paper and embrace the bidet! And in many ways, they are 100% correct in their thought process.

Experts say that washing your nether regions beats using toilet paper on both hygiene and environmental grounds!

The company Clear Rear has developed an inexpensive ‘bidet’ that attaches right to your existing toilet and will not only wash your bum, it will save you a ton of cash on toilet paper too! Plus, it’s great for the environment.

The genius device is only $58 on their website and if you purchase more than one, they offer an instant discount! There are other alternative available on Amazon as well!

The Clear Rear attaches super easy to your toilet!

People who own them, seem to love them!

So basically, if you are someone who wants to stock up on toilet paper, there really is not need. Why buy $100 worth of TP when you can just get this for $58 and be done!