Woman Captures Incredible Image Of A Wolf Created By Northern Lights

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wolf in the sky

Photo: Marja-Terttu Karlsson

A Wolf In The Sky

Marja-Terttu Karlsson, who resides in Pajala, near the Swedish Lapland, did not are realized how lucky she had been when she was out photographing the Northern Lights.

It was only after she uploaded the images to her computer that she noticed the brilliant, familiar image that she had captured.

“I thought, oh my God, it resembles a fox or a wolf or something. I did not realize at the time that I had taken such an amazing picture. It is amazing.”

There are skeptics out there, as always, who think the picture was doctored but Karlsson has something to say to those folks.

They think it is fake, but I can assure all the skeptics that it is genuine” , Ms. Karlsson told Swedish Television news.

It sure is a memorizing photo!

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