Obama Was Definitely Briefed On UFO’s, But Won’t Say What’s Up

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In a recent interview with Stephen Cobert, Former President Obama mentioned that he was indeed ‘briefed’ on UFO’s during his stay in the White House. But, he won’t say what’s up with them.

His facial expressions certainly say a lot though!

Obama appeared on ‘The Late Show’ Monday night and Stephen Colbert asked the burning question … whether president 44 was briefed on UFOs or not. He was quick to answer — yes. After all, the Roswell mystery has survived for decades, so presidents are all looped in.

Naturally Colbert asked the obvious followup questions — what do ya know?  In order to get that answer, you really need to just watch Obama’s reaction to the question. Colbert thinks it’s a giveaway and that there’s something definitely in the air.

Obama is quite clever when deflecting questions about conspiracy theories, so we will probably never get a clear answer from the Pres. Obama!