Package Thieves Get Nailed With High Tech Glitter Bomb With The Help Of Macaulay Culkin

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Mark RoberĀ is known as one of the most high tech, and smartest Youtubers around. Rober’s Youtube channel has nearly 10 million followers and there isn’t one video on his channel that isn’t entertaining and super awesome!

Since porch package thieves or ‘Porch Pirates’ appear to be popping up everywhere this year (which is an incredibly sad reality) – the package thieves are getting pranked and messed with by homeowners more and more. As they should be. I mean, after all, they are breaking the law and being complete a**holes. Where is there Christmas spirit? Ugh!

Well, with the help of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin, Rober designed one of the most incredible and high tech ‘prank’ packages that has ever graced the planet. Complete with GPS, 360 camera views, a glitter bomb, police scanner sounds, poop smells and much, much more!
The best part about this entire process — we get to see the thieves reactions!
Check it out below…it’s probably one of the coolest things you will see Christmas!

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Homeowner Takes Revenge On Doorstep Thieves With Exploding Box Of Poop