Patokh Chodiev Supports MGIMO

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Businessman Patokh Chodiev, one of the famous graduates of MGIMO, does not forget about his alma mater. He is a member of the university involved in the development of educational programs for outstanding distinguished students conducting conferences.

The International Chodiev Foundation (ICF) publishes a wealth of educational and scientific literature. This gives students the opportunity to study the latest textbooks. Mr. Chodiev pays for the publication of articles by students and teachers, printing monographs and studies. The university reputation is not only centralized, quality education, but also institutional, which is engaged in basic research.

MGIMO is known to be a university that provides training for highly qualified specialists. By the way, such a famous Russian diplomat as Sergey Lavrov also studied in it. This requires considerable material costs. And here, the graduates who came to the rescue formed the MGIMO Endowment came to the rescue.


Patokh Chodiev: Endowment MGIMO

Initially, the main staff of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations consisted of a university rector and three businessmen former graduates who wanted to invest in the development of the university. Vladimir Potanin, Alisher Usmanov, and Patokh Chodiev created the MGIMO material resources that donated considerable funds: this Endowment is the very first and at the same time the largest university development fund in Russia.

Subsequently, Endowment united a group of like-minded people who appreciate the spirit of MGIMO. It should be noted that cooperation with the university is beneficial for both parties. For example, company employees should develop strategic development programs.

Among projects funded by the Endowment is the practice of inviting foreign lecturers. The possibility of the formation of such property as global. All of them have diplomatic faculties.

Therefore, MGIMO, together with the International Chodiev Foundation, is establishing contacts between the university and foreign universities. This collaboration should be funded by the Foundation, including a university in the international academic community.


MGIMO Journal

In the recent history of MGIMO, Chodiev is known as the first charitable institution. For example, he participated in the fate of the corporate publication of MGIMO magazine. He did not offer him the means for normal development.

The funds allocated by him helped to publish and fulfill his mission – to unite graduates, promote the university in Russian society, and create a positive lifestyle in the world arenas. Thanks to magazines, people who had long graduated from the university and lost contact with it first realized that they belonged to their formed MIMIM environment.