Photos That Show How Crazy The Christmas Arctic Freeze & Blizzard Of 2022 Was

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Much of the United States spent Christmas battling a major arctic freeze and blizzard conditions. As of Monday 12/26/2022, 37 people have lost their lives to this horrific weather conditions. Between US and Canada, a total of 57 people have sadly lost their lives. Upstate New York took the brunt of the hazardous weather condition – some places getting slammed with nearly 4-feet of snow.

Here are some photos of what people were experiencing during this wild week of weather!

1. Ice skating on the streets of Seattle.


2. Buffalo, New York getting absolutely pounded with snow!

3. Christmas Day, 2022 – Buffalo, New York


4. The front door of a home in Buffalo, New York!


5. An Oklahoma family shows a photo of water immediately freezing in their sink!


6. Just a casual run in Canada!


7. A door so frozen that it won’t open – Canada, -41 degrees.


8. Only a 160 degree difference in temp! WOW!

9. Even Texas is freezing!

10. Absolutely wild – and scary!