Post Malone And MrBeast Raise Nearly $20M For Charity With Just Two Live Youtube Streams

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There is definitely a level of power when you are a famous musician and or famous Youtuber. That was clearly proved over the last few days as famed musician Post Malone and famed youtuber Mr. Beast raised nearly $20 million for charity with just two Youtube live streams.

First, on April 24th, Post Malone, his band and drummer Travis Barker played a live Nirvana tribute concert – from their homes. The 1 hour and 17 minutes live stream took in over $4.2 million in donations, which is matching $2 for every $1, up to $5 million. The money raised will go to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO (The World Health Organization).

Former members of Nirvana even chimed in to give praise to Malone for putting on a stellar performance of their band’s old tunes.

Fast forward a day later and Youtuber MrBeast gathered 32 of the biggest Youtube influencers and challenged them to a social distancing game of rock, paper, scissors. The winner would receive $250,000. Much like Post Malone, Mr. Beast went live for just under a half hour and raised over $4.2 million, with matching $2 for every $1 – up to $5 million. All money raised will be going to the WHO organization.

We won’t tell you who won…but the winner did donate their entire winnings of $250k to a charity of their choosing that focuses on COVID-19 relief.