‘Purple Island’ Features 400 Purple Buildings And A Landscape That Is…You Guessed It…Purple!

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If you like the color purple — or just enjoy some seriously Instagram worthy landscapes — you really need to check out ‘Purple Island’.

The island is home of the farming community of Banwol Island in South Korea. Located off the west coast of South Korea, the island is known as “the purple island,” after roughly 400 buildings and other structures were repainted in a vibrant purple hue.

Even items like telephone boxes and bridges have been painted over in purple. There is even a nearby lavender field that can be a great spot for pictures.

Unfortunately, it might be a while until we’re able to travel to this adorable little island as South Korea has sealed off its borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this hasn’t stopped local residents from flocking to the island, which has become a pretty popular staycation destination.

As CNN reports, Banwol Island has seen a 20% rise in visitors from previous years, estimating more than 100,000 visitors heading to the island between the months of June and August 2020. And since 2018, it was recorded that the island of Banwol, as well as the nearby Bakji Island – which has fewer than 150 residents – have welcomed over 490,000 visitors.

The purple initiative began back in 2015 under the South Jeolla Province’s new branding project that wanted to “create attractive island destinations.” The choice of color was inspired by the native flora called bellflowers, which are purple in color. In an effort to expand on the purple color scheme, local farmers have also taken to planting beets and kohlrabi. The regional government has also overseen the planting of 30,000 New England asters, as well as 21,500 square meters of lavender fields.

But beyond just being a fun color, Bourn Creative has shared that the color purple has plenty of special meaning. Not only is it associated with the color of royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition, but it can also denote wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, peace, pride, independence, and even magic.

It takes roughly six hours to get to the island by bus or car from the capital of Seoul. Once there, you can enjoy amenities such as a cafe, two restaurants, and one hotel.