Scary Home Invasion Caught On Camera As Florida Woman Is Ambushed In Her Driveway

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The security footage shows a woman walking to her car that was parked in the driveway of her Tamarac, Florida home. With coffee in hand and completely oblivious to a white Lexus that was parked right outside her home — the woman was ready to begin her day.

However, just as the woman is about to enter her vehicle, the doors on the Lexus bust open and two masked men jump out and rush the woman.

At the last second she hears them approach, spins around in horror and throws her coffee at one of the men. The man points a gun at her as she folds to the ground. Ordering her to her feet and pointing to the house, they march her back inside, as one collects the belongings she dropped.

According to Broward Sheriff’s Office, the assailants then tied the woman up inside.

The men concealed their identity by wearing masks, while wielding a gun, flashlight and hammer.

Meanwhile the homeowner’s Ring doorbell cam picks up a third person, a woman, believed to be the getaway driver.