Struggling 89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Driver Receives $12,000 Tip!

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Derlin Newey is 89-years-old and he is still working. Derlin works evenings delivering pizzas for the Papa John’s pizza chain.

Derlin is extremely popular with his customers for his cheerful, friendly personality. His signature greeting was to shout, “Hello, are you looking for some pizza?” He even became a TikTok celebrity.

One of his best customers was Carlos Valdez and he and his wife have a TikTok account with over 50,000 followers.

They couple absolutely loves Newey’s friendliness and they began featuring him on their TikTok videos. Viewers began asking to see more of Derlin and his funny greetings.

People began wondering why Derlin was still working at his age and that is when Carlos and his wife decided to raise a little extra cash for Derlin. Carlos asked his account followers to chip into a fund for the older man.

The donations came pouring in. By the time the donation period ended, the TikTok account had raised more than $12,000.

Carlos and his wife went to Derlin’s home with the check signed, “From your TikTok family.” The older man burst into tears when he saw how much the check was.

They also gave him a shirt that says, “Are you looking for some pizza?”

The event was filmed for the TikTok account and by local news station KSL.

Derlin lives alone. He said he works about 30-hours a week as a delivery driver because he can’t pay his bills on Social Security. The Valdez family said they are still getting donations for him.