Dr. Pepper Has A ‘Birthday Cake Flavor’ And It’s Basically A Party In Your Mouth

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Dr. Pepper has a tasty and interesting flavor of soda — Birthday Cake — and it is truly a party in your mouth!

How do you get your hands on a six pack of the good stuff?

Dr. Pepper Birthday Cake has been around for a while, but you might not have seen it in stores. That is because the only way to get this special edition Dr. Pepper soda is to be part of the Pepper Pack. To be a part of the “Pepper Pack” you have to get invited into the program and the only way to get an invite is to use the brand’s hashtags on social media or to apply at DrPepper.com. Being a part of the Pepper Pack also gets you special discounts, coupons and gift certificates.

So now you know!