Students Raise Over $270,000 So 80-Year-Old High School Janitor Can Retire

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A group of high school seniors were able to raise over a quarter of a million dollars for their beloved high school janitor.

The 80-year-old janitor ‘Mr. James’ was forced to come out of retirement after his rent went up $400 a month.

The money was raised via GoFundMe and it started with a very reasonable $10,000 goal, however, the GoFundMe quickly took on a life of its own and smashed that $10k goal like with was $1.

Mr. James has since asked the kids to take down the GoFundMe campaign, but it does remain up for viewing and you can see it HERE.

“It’s crazy to see something that, we knew people would have wanted to help,” said senior Marti Yousko, “But we didn’t know it would blow up.”

A single TikTok video was posted by senior Greyson Thurman showing Mr. James cleaning the halls, along with a GoFundMe aiming to help James continue to live comfortably.

“I have 2,000 followers and that was enough to get the word out,” said Thurman.

Raising $10,000 in 12 hours, most of the donations came from students.

“It’s just amazing,” said Principal Jason Hooper, ”You know of the need that was met because of three kind kids, but of all of our students who have pitched in to help that need.”