TikTok Prankster Under Fire For Getting Grandma To Steal Airpods From Walmart

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If you are on social media, you have probably seen this video by now as it is circulating all over TikTok and Instagram.

Prank channels are huge on social media — across all platforms. Some pranks are fun and innocent, while others have a little cruelty sprinkled on them. That was the case when TikToker kodychody filmed a recent prank at his local Walmart.

Kody was able to get a Walmart employee to give him Airpod Pros straight out of the security case and allow him to walk up to the front counter with them. Well, Kody did start walking towards the front of the store, but he stopped midway to ask an older lady to play a game. He asked her to guess a number between 1 and 10 and when she guessed 7, he said ‘You won’. He handed her the Airpod Pros that he had just received out of Walmart’s security case. Shortly after the interaction, Kody filmed the older couple as they left the store and the security alarm went off.

How embarrassing!

Kody is getting some serious backlash due to the cruel prank and has since removed the video from his TikTok account.

You check out the video on this Instagram page though!