Man Driving On Interstate Throws $200,000 Cash Out Window To ‘Bless Others’

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This is a story straight out of Breaking Bad…remember when Jesse Pinkman was driving around tossing out millions of dollars in cash? Well, this dude is basically Jesse Pinkman — just with less cash! But still…$200,000 is no joke!


Police said 38-year-old Colin Davis McCarthy drained his family’s shared bank account and let $200,000 in cash fly along the freeway as he “wanted to bless others with gifts of money.”

Motorists had stopped on Interstate 5 to gather the money, which was dangerous and negatively impacted the flow of traffic.

The family was not in on the kind gesture and the police were unable to do anything in regards to criminally charging McCarthy as the bank account was shared and his name was on it. Therefore, the money in that account was just as much McCarthy’s as it was the rest of his families.

For hours, people combed the side of the interstate looking for missed cash, but it appeared that the initial motorists who saw the cash flying — did a pretty good job cleaning it all up!

The family said even though the odds are long, they’re asking anyone who found any of the cash to please return it to Oregon State Police because that money is very much needed by the family.

The police let McCarthy know that while his actions were made from good intentions, he could have serious harmed other motorists and pedestrians. He was not cited for any wrong doing. The police don’t know exactly how much money was tossed from the vehicle, but they did say in was into the thousands of dollars.