Teen Sets Up Hidden Cameras To Record Alleged Parental Abuse

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You just never know what is going on behind closed doors.

After a mother didn’t listen to her daughter’s cry for help in regards to her abusive father — the teen decided to take matters into her own hands.

The 14-year-old Florida teen set up hidden cameras around her home in order to record her father’s abusive ways, abusive ways that sadly, her mother, didn’t believe.

Now, Damon Becnel faces criminal charges of child abuse, as well as criminal charges for tormenting animals. The teen ended up handing over two complete, long videos to police, which were used as evidence in order to make the arrest of Becnel.

The videos showcased Becnel doing the unthinkable and being a complete psycho towards his teenage daughter.

In one video, Becnel is seen screaming, pointing fingers in his daughters face and then head-butting her as she stands against a wall. As if that wasn’t psycho enough, an adult male is then heard screaming at the family dogs and threatening to kill them.

At one point, a sharp object is held to the dog’s neck, after the dog is violently thrashed around.

Becnel was a business owner in the community and well respected one at that. Little did everyone know, what a monster he was behind closed doors. And thanks to the smart thinking of his teenage daughter — the world now knows.

Becnel didn’t stay in jail long however, as the judge only implemented a $4,000 bond and Becnel was quickly back out as a free man.