Texas Officer ‘Crazy Casebolt’ Who Crashed Teen Pool Party Is A Complete Lunatic

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There is a lot to say about the video below and the actions of patrol supervisor Cpl. Eric Casebolt, however the video pretty much speaks for itself.

Officer Casebolt was incredibly out of line and with his poor actions. With those actions ‘Crazy Casebolt’ takes our country a few more steps backwards in regards to race, authority and how we view police officers everywhere.

I watched the video below time and time again, watching body language and listening to the words used by Casebolt. The man is a complete crazy! He is incredibly out of line in regards to the verbiage he uses. Swearing non-stop like a teenager himself. Casebolt is seen running up and down the street, pacing and totally freaking out as if he was in a war zone or he was unable to find which house was on fire.

Casebolt was clearly the main cause of this entire situation getting out of hand. At one point, Casebolt physically assaults a young girl in a bikini for no reason. Even once on the ground, Casebolt continues his physical assault. Casebolt is seen placing kids in handcuffs, telling kids it is to hot for him to be running around and even worse…pulling a gun out on a group of teens.

Why is it that the rest of the officers on scene are acting normal? They are talking with the kids, trying to diffuse the situation only to have ‘Crazy Casebolt’ making everything worse. You will notice that when Crazy Casebolt pulls out his gun, the two other officers quickly rush over to have him put the gun down…why? Because those two officers have common sense and realize that Casebolt is freaking out and losing his mind.

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Source : Youtube