Six Creative Ways To Dry Clothes Without A Dryer

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Whether you are looking to dry your clothes in a natural setting, rather than wasting electricity or your dryer is out of commision – these awesome drying hacks will get the job done! Plus, they look pretty cool too!

dry clothes

1.) Hang A ladder from the ceiling for this unique and stylish way to hang and dry clothing!

Hang clothes

2.) Indoor built in clothes line drying system – Another option would be to install a retractable line on one end, and simply attach it to hooks on the other side when in use.

3.) Wall mounted clothes drying rack, using old crib panels. Such a wonderful way to re-purpose those older style cribs!

dry clothes4

4.) Such an easy, inexpensive drying rack to make and it does wonders out by the pool! Feel free to paint the rack to!

dry clothes6

5.) Another great easy DIY project! This is simply a variation of the above hanging ladder clothes hanger.

dry clothes5

A cool piece of art that hangs on the wall and folds out into a drying rack! Pretty neat idea and a wonderful space saver!