The Similarities and Differences Between Pillow Top and Euro Top Mattresses

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Pillow top and Euro-top mattresses are often used interchangeably by many mattresses manufacturers but the truth is many differences can be noted in the two mattresses and customers should be aware of these for the next time they go to buy a mattress. Whether you are looking for a small mattress for a single person to sleep or a mattress foundation king size, varieties are available in mattresses of all sizes.

A Euro Top mattress can give a luxury experience to a person, which is just the same as we have while staying in the hotel. A plush combination of soft and supportive material is used to manufacture Euro Top mattresses. Thus, Euro Top mattresses are the best option available for people who suffer from any sort of neck or back pain. The top of a Euro Mattress is just as similar to that of a pillow but they can be even softer if you opt for the premium quality of mattresses that are designed using high-quality products and the latest technical designs.

A pillow top mattress, on the other hand, has a top which is soft and stitched-on due to which it feels softer than that of a normal top. Pillow-top mattresses are manufactured in two parts – The Top part and The Bottom part. The top section is the pillow section which is extremely soft and the bottom section is manufactured to provide great support. This section is made by mixing supporting foam and spring coils. In spite of being super comfortable, pillow-top mattresses have some drawbacks too. The soft cushion-like thing on the top of such mattresses tends to compress after only a few years of sleeping on the mattress. The pillow-top mattresses need to be changed after every few years.

You may also compare plush vs firm mattress for back pain. Meaning if you are someone who experiences frequent back pain then you can also opt for a plush or a firm mattress and with the help of such mattresses back and body pain can be eased.


Pillow-Top vs Euro Top Mattresses

  • The right comfort zone where comfort meets support is delivered by Euro Top mattresses. Whereas, pillow-top mattresses are softer mattresses that are big and feels fluffy.
  • Euro top mattresses last for a standard time which is generally 8 to 10 years and need not be replaced quite often. Pillow-top mattresses need a quick replacement.
  • Euro top mattresses are capable of keeping their softness and shape just like as it was when purchased. Pillow top mattresses often get compressed by regular sleeping since its top is super soft which changes its shape due to weight.
  • Euro top mattresses are a range of mattresses that are available in a price range which is just worth the quality you get. Pillow-top mattresses are a bit high priced. Memory foam pillow Sleepwell mattresses are available at comparatively low prices.

Now, you can easily choose while buying a mattress and decide which one to be bought. Choosing will now be easy for all.