This Is Why Your Pillows Turn Yellow and How You Can Clean Them

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We lay our heads on our pillows for nearly 8 hours a night, every single night. Even with a pillow case on our pillows as a layer of protection, the pillow can still yellow over time.

But why is it yellowing and staining?

Well, it’s basically bodily fluids. Sweat, drool and hair oils are usually what is causing the yellowing. If you are one who puts some sort of lotion or face product on your face before bed – that too could easily be the culprit (in addition to normal bodily fluids).

Pretty gross right?

Well luckily for us all, there is an easy way to get all that grossness out of our pillows.

Most pillows have a tag on them that says they can be tossed right into the washing machine. If this is the case, toss it in the machine – add a half cup of bleach and a half cup of Borax. You may need to wash the pillow more than once using this method.

If you have a pillow that can’t be put in the washing machine and requires ‘spot washing’, then you will want to use a mixture of warm water and baking soda to scrub out those nasty stains!

Our pillows should be washed multiple times per year. This will ensure that dead skin cells and all those bodily fluids don’t build up. Because remember, you are breathing that grossness in all night long!

Sleep well!