Tips To Speed Up Your Canada Visit Visa Application

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When thinking of a vacation or business trip, one of the best places to visit is Canada. Due to the high demand for visa services the Canadian government has come up with the Electronic Travel Document or ETA. It is a prerequisite document for entry or transit by individuals from visa-exempt countries. American citizens are the only ones who do not need ETA to visit or transit through Canada, a privilege not extended to permanent residents of the US, who still need an ETA for travel and transit through Canada.

Here Are Some Of The Details To Know About Canadian Visa:

ETA Applications

A Canadian Visa ETA is linked to an individual’s passport, and it this same passport must be presented at the point of entry. The ETA remains valid for a period of five year or until the expiration of the passport; whichever comes first. The whole application process can only be done online and there is a strict requirement that only one application be filed at a given time, meaning a family must file an application form for each single individual in their group. Persons with study and work visa’s that were issued on or after the 1stof August 2015 will automatically receive an ETA with their visas, however all other individuals must file fresh ETA applications.

Legal Employment

Contrary to what many people might think, the Canadian visa eta does not allow individuals to legally seek employment in Canada. Legal employment by non-NAFTA residents can only be obtained through entry with a valid work visa issued by the Canadian government. Applicants are usually required to give a vast array of personal information that is generally detailed in most passports. In most cases further questions concerning health, immigration history, and criminal history may be asked on a case by case basis.

ETA Rules


There are countries that have unique rules when it comes to the issuance of an ETA. Brazilian citizens with a valid non-immigrant US visa or have held a Canadian visa within the past ten years are eligible to apply for an ETA when arriving in Canada by air. Individuals arriving by land and sea still require a valid Canadian visa to enter the country.

For French citizens residing in St. Pierre and Miquelon there is no requirement for an ETA when entering Canada through these territories. Canadian visa holders and crew member visiting or having a stopover in Canada do not require an ETA either. This gratitude if further applied to members of visiting armed forces from designated states as well as those who work for their countries diplomatic missions based in Canada.  The Canadian Royal family is also exempt from requiring an ETA.


A Canadian Visa ETA has many prerequisites. It is important that you understand your citizenship situation before commencing the application process as you might not be eligible. If this is the case, do not lose any hope as there are many other ways that you can be able to enter Canada. Visit the immigration sites or consult your local consulate for any changes is requirements.