Top Yoga Instructor Betty Ford Brings Her Incredible Teachings To Taipei City Via Den Yoga

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Den Yoga

A new yoga studio recently opened in Taipei City, Taiwan this past November – but it’s not just any yoga studio! Den Yoga was created and opened by American Betty Ford, who is one of the world’s leading yoga instructors and a prominent winning bodybuilder. This studio, along with the team of instructors is designed to blend yoga with health and fitness. Ford wants people to become reenergized, refreshed and to regain focus that can often be lost during our hectic lives.

Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your mind and body or just relax, Den Yoga will work for you!

Den Yoga offers 5 signature classes that were created by Ford herself. These classes are designed to provide a one of kind yoga experience combined with health and fitness. Their class ‘Den Booty‘, which happens to be one of the most popular classes, is geared towards strengthening legs and the buttocks.

Den Yoga

You won’t waste time when it comes to these classes, they were created to provide results in a timely manner. For instance, the Den Booty class incorporates free weights, steppers and Betty Ford’s very own BETTYBAND – all of these implemented so that the end user can see and feel results, quickly.

You don’t have to be an expert at yoga to join Den Yoga either, in fact, you can be a complete newbie to yoga and have a great experience. Den Yoga created their classes and form of instruction with everyone in mind. Den Yoga really is the perfect place to start your yoga and fitness journey, or continue your current yoga experiences.

Everyone is welcome at Den Yoga, all of the instructors speak both English and Chinese, so even if you are travelling in from an English speaking country, you can still pop in and take a few classes and feel right at home.

Den Yoga

Betty Ford is incredibly successful and time and time again, she explains in interviews how she loves empowering not only women to be successful, but everyone to be successful.

Check out Den Yoga if you are in the Taipei area, it will lift you up, make you feel amazing and you will no doubt – have one of the best yoga experiences of your life!