Transgender Model Says People Accuse Her Of Lying Because She’s ‘So Pretty And Feminine’

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A Norwegian model is setting the record straight — she is in fact transgendered — despite her extremely feminine appearance.

Even though 19-year-old Emma Ellingsen has over a half million followers on Instagram, many of them doubt that she was actually born a male.

Emma shared some of her story in one of her latest Youtube videos.

Emma is from Tonsberg, Norway and she had some pretty good advice for all those who shame her.

Coming out trans isn’t easy for anyone, none the less someone who is quite famous in a small country. Emma has been criticized for her lifestyle and looks since she was  little kid, and even more so now.

Most of Emma’s life has been full of ups and downs due to her own identity crisis that she was battling within. But much of the backlash towards Emma comes from people believing that she is lying about being transgendered — why? Well, because she looks ‘to feminine’.

People tell her that she just doesn’t look like how a typical ‘trans’ should appear. Many people believe that she is making all of this up, in order to ride the fame train.

Also in the Youtube video, Emma addressed her fans and told them how she knew she was trans, only at the age of 8. By the time she was 13, Emma was taking part in hormone therapy and by 16, she was on female hormones.

In 2017 Emma’s Youtube channel blew up because of a video titled, ‘I am transgender’.