‘Skinny Pigs’ Are Hairless Guinea Pigs That Look Just Like Little Pocket-Sized Hippos

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Skinny pigs are basically tiny house hippos.

These little adorable guys and gals are hairless guinea pigs that only grow whiskers and a small amount of hair on their feet and legs. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, however of course the black ones are the most hippo-like.

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According to those who own skinny pigs, they are adorable, loving, caring and playful creatures. They are a product of cross-breeding that was done in a lab back in the 1980’s. Ever since, they have been popular pets across America and Europe.

You care for skinny pigs just like you would a regular guinea pig, but there is a bit of extra care you need to implement due to their lack of hair.

They make their beds in bedroom closets, using “socks and mittens, dryer lint, and bits of string.” Skinny pigs require extra bedding care, as well, in order to keep them warm. Small blankets for them to curl up into in their cages will suffice.

You also need to have the temperature of your home at 70-degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

While the tiny animals will feast on normal guinea pig food, vegetables and crumbs, their diet is made up of 80% hay, so hay is a must!

Skinny pigs, like guinea pigs, are unable to produce vitamin C on their own. This means you must also feed them pellets that have been fortified with the nutrient.

A few other interest facts about skinny pigs is that you must apply sunscreen to them if they go outside. In addition, you probably don’t want to let them play with other pets, since they don’t have fur — they can easily be injured. Oh, and they can’t see very well either.

These pets are more expensive than a traditional guinea pig, as to be expected. They range from $100 to $250. They also require a large cage to run around in and frequent cage cleanings.