Woman Saves Years Of Inspiring Sticky Notes From Stepdad, Brings Him To Tears With Emotional Gift

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Sophia Wilcox’s stepfather Brian Sandusky isn’t an easy person to shop for, especially for Father’s Day.

The 20-year-old had no idea what to get him for Father’s Day until she was exploring her old room and found a box of sticky notes that her step father had written her.

Brian, who was dating Sophia’s mother at the time, left a sticky note every day on her bedroom door…a note that offered an inspiring and uplifting message.

The little notes of support came at an important time for Sophia, as she was dealing with depression and anxiety for the first time during middle school.

The notes did not only provide support for Sophia, but it let her know that Brian truly cared for her and about her well being as a human.

Sophia & Brian

“Those notes are a huge part of my childhood and helping me to get where I’m at today,” she said.

“He’s my biggest supporter.”

The notes made it quite clear to Sophia that her stepdad was in a relationship with her mother for the long haul. It also taught Sophia that family doesn’t always mean blood relatives.

When Sophia found the notes six years later, she knew that she had the perfect gift for a man who has it all.

In a video that has gone viral over the years, Brian is seen opening up the emotional and thoughtful gift.

Can you say….get me a tissue???