Woman Sues Country Club Over Wine Spilled On $30k Handbag – Won’t Back Down

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Alpine Country Club in Demarest, N.J. on Thursday Nov. 14, 2019. 

This woman just won’t quit…

Maryana Beyder said she was enjoying a meal at the Alpine Country Club in Demarest in September 2018 when a waiter spilled red wine on the pink Hermès handbag that she said costs approximately $30,000.

Last November, Beyder filed a lawsuit against the Country Club. However, that lawsuit was dismissed by a Bergen County Superior Court judge. But Beyder won’t let it go and she won’t back down.

The lawsuit was dismissed July 24 by Judge Estela De La Cruz after Kenneth Merber, the attorney representing the club, said Beyder and her husband failed to appear at depositions despite notices and a subpoena.

However, the judge dismissed the case “without prejudice,” which allowed Beyder’s attorney, Alexandra Errico, to file a motion to reinstate the suit this week.

A decision on Errico’s motion to reinstate the lawsuit is scheduled for Aug. 28.

In an interview with NorthJersey.com last year, Errico said the lawsuit, which blamed the unidentified waiter and the country club for “negligent hiring” of the waiter, came about after Beyder spent nearly a year trying to resolve the issue directly with the country club.

“They couldn’t comprehend that a bag could be that much. I think that was the biggest problem with that. They kind of discriminated against her that she actually owned that type of bag,” Errico said.

Hermès handbags are often priced in the tens of thousands of dollars. One sold in Hong Kong back in 2017 for a whopping $377k.

Could you imagine making such a huge deal over spilled wine?