Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Launches Fundraiser To Pay For Hospital Bills, Wants To Sue Company

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Imagine running out of hair spray and thinking that the best substitute is Gorilla Glue spray!?!

Well, one woman did just that. And it didn’t go well.

After spending 22 hours in the emergency room over the weekend, Tessica Brown a.k.a. “Gorilla Glue girl” is still looking for relief from her hairy predicament.


Brown went viral last week after sharing videos about her predicament on TikTok, which caught the attention of Chance the Rapper and many others who expressed both amusement and concern over her situation.

Here is Brown’s original video, explaining to the world just how bad she f**ked up!


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And here is Brown trying to put some sort of lotion/shampoo in her hair! It’s hard not to laugh, because her hair is literally rock solid — she might as well have a helmet on.


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TMZ says Brown has since obtained a lawyer and is looking into her legal options as far as moving forward with a lawsuit.

Gorilla Glue released a statement expressing sympathy for Brown, but noting that its products specifically warn against getting the product on “eyes, on skin, or on clothing.”