Baby Shark Bites Florida Man’s Stomach And Won’t Let Go

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baby shark bites man stomach

man had to forcibly remove a shark from his stomach with a knife after it latched onto him while he was swimming off the coast of Marthon, Florida.

Video shows Ervin Maccarty coming out of from the water into a boat with a small shark attached to his stomach. The tiny shark has quite the grip on the man and it simply wouldn’t let go.

As the shark begins to struggle from being out of the water, Maccarty falls to the ground in pain. Although slight laughter and a bit of shock seemed to take over.

Friends immediately come to Maccarty’s assistance and try to remove the shark. Sadly, the shark would not let go and the individual’s on the boat were forced to cut the shark with a knife in order for it to let go of Maacarty.

Luckily Maccarty was not seriously injured and luckily he was bit by baby shark and not momma shark.