10 Interesting Random Facts That Will Fill Your Brain With Random Knowledge

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If you are someone who likes to gain a little random knowledge…then these are for you.

These random facts are kind of interesting…we didn’t know most of these! Great for conversation starters…or just annoying your friends and family with random facts.

1. The modern popped collar originated as a way to keep tennis players’ necks from getting sunburnt.

2. The office cubicle was invented by Robert Propst in 1968. His original design was called the Action Office System and provided “a social kind of privacy” for the worker.

3. Fire rainbows occur when the ice crystals in a cirrus cloud refract the sun’s rays, creating a multi-colored cloud effect.

4. Although the bobcat is rarely seen, it is the most common wildcat in North America.

5. Caribbean sperm whales have their own accents.

6. People used to believe that the blood of the freshly executed was a health tonic and would pay executioners a little money to let them drink it warm.

7. Dr. Martin Luther King is widely known as one of history’s greatest orators, but that particular skill might not have come so naturally to him. While attending Crozer Theological Seminary, King received a C in public speaking.

8. There’s only one Blockbuster still operating in the U.S.—it’s located in Bend, Oregon.

9. Mark Twain was born in 1835, a year in which Halley’s comet was visible from Earth. In 1909, he said, “I came in with Halley’s comet…and I expect to go out with it.” When he died on April 21, 1910, the comet was again visible in the night sky.

10. Army ants that misinterpret the scent trails left by other ants will sometimes break from the crowd and march in circles. If enough ants join, they can form massive “death spirals.”