31-Years-Old, Blind & Unable To Count To Three – This Man Is A Musical Genius

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Derek ParaviciniMeet Derek Paravicini, a 31-year-old savant. A man who is unable to count to three on his own fingers, but has the ability to play any piece of music ever written, in any style and in any key…all in a moments notice.

Derek was born prematurely which left him not only blind, but with a severe learning disability. When Derek was three years old he returned home from church where he started to play on a toy piano the family had in their home. Derek started to play a church hymn that he had just heard and absolutely amazed his parents.

Still at the age of six, Derek and his family were taking a tour of a special needs school for blind children when Derek entered a room where a piano teacher was giving a lesson. Derek physically pushed the piano teacher off of the bench and began to play. From that moment, the piano teacher has never left Derek’s side. For the past 25-years the pair have been teaching one another about music, love and compassion.

To have such a brilliant mind is something special. Derek has the ability to speak to people and touch their lives without ever holding a conversation. Incredible.


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