245 Brazilian Thrill-Seekers Jump From Bridge To Break ‘Rope Jumping’ Record

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bridge rope jumping record

A group of 245 thrill-seekers tied to ropes jumped from a 98-foot tall bridge – all together – in a world-record attempt for “rope jumping”.

The death-defying event took place on Sunday (October 22) in Hortolandia, located about one hour from Sao Paulo, Brazil. In some seriously sketchy footage, the participants are seen leaping from the bridge, each wearing white helmets, while tied together with a rope.

The jumpers fell almost simultaneously and swung back and forth until coming to standstill before with some descending to the water below and other climbing up to the bridge. Stunt organizer, Alan Fereira, said a total of 400 people were involved in the project.

Fereira examined the ropes before the jump, as the feat required the assembly of complicated harnesses and bolts used for professional mountaineering. According to organizers, a total of 12 miles of rope were used plus 1,000 harnesses.

Guinness World Records have not yet issued an official statement confirming the Brazilian record attempt but it surpassed another Brazilian attempt with 149 participants in April, 2016. A previous unofficial record was set in Tver, Russia, in July 2012.