Take A Peek Inside The World’s Only $306M Boeing 787 Dreamliner Plane

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Join Sam Chui went for a tour of the World’s First and Only Boeing 787 Dreamliner in VIP fashion.

This Private Boeing 787 was opened for display during the Dubai Air Show 2017.

At a list price of $306.1 millionthe 787-10 is the most expensive in the Dreamliner family.

This incredible plane took more than two years to build including the interior, and is owned by China-based HNA Group, which besides Deer Jet has sizable stakes in a large variety of businesses, including Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines and other local carriers. It even owns 25% of Hilton. (But I don’t think you can earn Hilton Honors points for chartering this plane.)

Rates vary depending on a large variety of factors, but I’d expect to pay in the ballpark of $70,000 per hour for the privilege of flying on this VIP 787, known as the Dream Jet.

The aircraft boasts 2,400 square feet of usable space, which is incredible if you think about it — we’re talking a large single-family home, with wings.