Photo Of Paramedic Bride In Wedding Dress Goes Viral

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wedding dress paramedic

Sarah Ray’s wedding day took a very unexpected turn after her grandmother’s car collided with another on the way to the reception.

Ray rushed to the scene, hiked up her wedding dress and climbed aboard the ambulance to see what she could do.

After all, that’s what she does.

Ray’s mother, who is a professional photographer, and her husband were with her when the call came that her grandmother was in a wreck.

The only information the family had about the accident, was that the car was totaled. So, Ray and her mother rushed over to the scene.

Once at the scene of the accident, Ray saw her Grandfather walking around so she knew he was alright. Ray hopped in the back of the ambulance to check on her Grandmother, who had minor bruising and was not seriously injured in the crash.

After Ray knew everyone was okay, she walked away from the scene of the accident and was headed back to her reception where all her guests were waiting for her and her new husband to arrive. At that time, her mother snapped this epic photo, that has since gone viral and viewed more than 1.4 million times in just a few days time.

There is no doubt that Ray and her husband will cherish this photo for years to come. It captured the beauty and elegance of Ray as a Bride while the chaos of Ray’s everyday life happened in the background.

ray wedding

Sisters Lauren Whitman and Sarah Ray kiss their grandmother, June Irish, after Ray’s wedding Oct. 3. (Photo: Marcy Martin)


ray wedding2

Sarah and Paul Ray took a detour but made it to their wedding reception. (Photo: Marcy Martin)



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