Wife Horrified After Husband Gets ‘Ugly’ Tattoo Of Her Snoring

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Getting inked with the image of a loved one is typically a sign of true love, respect and admiration for that person. Most times.

However, one UK man flipped turned the tables on his unsuspecting soulmate with an unflattering thigh tattoo of his partner in crime snoring.

James McGraw, 40, a window cleaner from Portsmouth, wanted revenge on his wife Kelly for giving him a crappy haircut as a prank. That’s why the prankster got a tattoo depicting his better half passed out on a plane with her mouth agape while he happily mocks her.

Go figure: The gag didn’t go over well with McGraw’s “horrified” wife, who told the Sun he’d gone too far. Despite the fact that the couple had purportedly played pranks on each other for 24 years, Kelly says “there’s a line and he’s crossed it big time.”

James posted a Facebook pic of the prank with the caption. “Don’t know what her problem is . . . everyone else seems to like it.” The viral post garnered hundreds of reactions and comments such as “legend” and “can’t stop laughing every time I see this.”

Fortunately, it seems James will live happily ever after. Kelly has since come around to the joke, even admitting to the Sun that she now can’t look at the picture without laughing.