7th Grader Saves 66 Children On School Bus After Bus Driver Passes Out Behind The Wheel

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A Michigan 7th grader is being hailed a hero after stepping up to the plate…or wheel rather…after noticing that his school bus driver was experiencing a medical emergency behind the wheel.

The bus driver, identified as 50-year-old Joseph Campbell, suddenly slumped over the wheel, causing the bus to swerve erratically on the road. That is when 12 year old Davion Reed jumped into action.

Reed had zero experience in driving a vehicle, but he was able to take full control of the bus by grabbing the steering wheel with one hand and removing Campbell’s foot from the gas pedal with the other hand. Reed was then able to steer the bus until it slowed to a safe stop.

As the bus was coming to a stop, Reed yelled to other students to call 911 immediately.

In recognition of his heroic deed, Davion was awarded a certificate of valor by the local police department. The police chief, Thomas Alber, also praised Davion’s courage and presence of mind, stating that his actions were “nothing short of extraordinary.”

The entire ordeal was caught on the school bus security camera, have a look below!