Vintage Video Shows What High School Was Like in the 1970s

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Teens today will never fully understand how bell bottom jeans, fast cars with manual steering, rock music and free spirit living were a day to day thing for teens back in the 1970s.

This footage, shared by Vampire Robot on YouTube, captures an average day for teens at Andover High School in Bloomfield, Michigan, in 1977.

The video most certainly wasn’t filmed in the 4k video we are used to today — instead — the video is grainy and a tad dull in color, but hey, that’s the 70s baby!

But it’s not just the 70s that was a totally different time period for teens, the 90s were a whole different ball game too!

The 1990s were also a different world in many respects. For an idea (or reminder) of what it was like to be a teenager at the end of the last millennium, check out this “day in the life” video from a high school student in 1990.