An Octopus Caught A Bald Eagle In A Death Grip And Fisherman Came To The Rescue

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A group of salmon farmers are quite proud of themselves after they saved a bald eagle from the tight grip of an octopus.

The salmon farmers were on their way back to their boathouse when they heard splashing in the water. As they investigated, they realized there was a massive bald eagle being attacked by a massive octopus. The octopus was attempting to pull the eagle under water.

The team watched the incident take place for about five minutes, wondering if they should intervene or let mother nature take its course. Eventually, the decided to intervene.

The team grabbed a long pole and were able to get a hold of the octopus, which eventually released its grip on the eagle.

The team as been working on ocean waters for over 20-years and have seen some crazy things, but this is one of the wildest things they have ever encountered. The team admits they felt compassion for the nation’s bird and were compelled to help!