Craigslist Ad From Woman Asking If ‘Anyone Needs A Grandma For Christmas’ Goes Wild

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One recent ad on Craigslist titled “Anybody need a grandma for Christmas?” is pulling at the heartstrings this holiday season.

The listing comes from a Tulsa woman in despair, who claimed she has no family and would really like to be a part of one this holiday.

The post has since been deleted because the woman began to receive hateful messages and that clearly was not what she intended to receive.

However, the removal of the ad due to hateful messages has only fueled the good people of the internet to find a warm and loving place for the woman to spend Christmas.

It all started when when Carson Carlock was cruising Craigslist and came across the ad. The ad hit Carson right in the feels and reminded him of his own mother. Carson’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last  year. Sadly, Carson’s mother passed away last year and he was unable to spend Christmas with her last year due to her being so ill and car trouble didn’t allow him to travel to her for the holidays. So when Carson came across this Craigslist ad, it really affected him.

Carson thought this seemed like the perfect opportunity to honor his late mother and spread a little holiday cheer. However, before he could reach out, he saw the post marred with hate.

“A lot of people started sending her hateful messages” Carson said. “I understand that everybody can be wary about it because there’s a lot of bad things happening in the world right now.”

People were accusing the woman of trying to freeload and take advantage of people. The woman ‘Carrie’ responded to the hate saying ‘Thank you for the extra shot of pain’ and then the post was deleted.

Carson decided to make a listing of his own asking the “grandma needing a family,” to reach out so he could help her have a wonderful Christmas. He shared the new listing to social media and the post went semi-viral over night.

He has yet to hear back from ‘Carrie’, but he is in hopes that he hears from her soon!