‘Angel Of Manchester’ Leads 50 Terrified Kids To Safety After Ariana Grande Concert Bombing.

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During the terrible tragedy which took place at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England…one woman took it upon herself to save 50 terrified children.

48-year-old Paula Robinson is dubbed the “Angel of Manchester.”


Just before the terror attack happened, Paula and her husband were at Victoria train station– near the arena where the Ariana Grande concert was taking place. Paula and her husband heard and felt a massive explosion.

When they heard and felt the explosion. Paula recalls seeing “dozens” of teenage girls running and screaming, many separated from their parents in the chaos.

Paula herded together around 50 panicked teens and children. “We ran out,” she recalled. “I got the teens to run with me.”

She guided the girls to a nearby Holiday Inn and there began posting all over social media, hoping to connect with the parents who were– no doubt– terrified, looking for their kids.

“We have got about 50 kids with us waiting to be picked up,” she wrote online. “They are safe and we will look after them.”

angel of Manchester saves kids