Engineer Bride Doesn’t Have Many Girlfriends, So Dudes Rock Pink Robes For Hilarious Pre-Wedding Shoot.

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Wedding photo shoots are all the rage now! Serious wedding photo shoots are becoming a thing of the past and now a days, the funnier the shoot the better! 

Bride Rebeca Sinohara took her pre-wedding photo shoot to the next level! 

The 24-year-old from Brazil studies computer engineering, and– in such a male-dominated field– she’s found it hard to make a lot of girlfriends.

“I always knew that I wouldn’t have a gang of girls to be bridesmaids and to sit together putting on makeup and all before the event,” she said.

Rebeca has some very close guy friends and she thought that a few weeks before the wedding she would get them all together and take some funny photos with her phone. However, when her guy friends her about her plan, they stepped it up a notch and made it a full fledged, professional photo shoot! 

The hilarious result is below! 


Rebecca did say all five guys shed a few tears at the wedding!