Bad Credit Score? No Problem! You Can Pre-Qualify For These Cards With AMAZING Rates & Perks

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Bad credit can seriously impact you financially. Don’t be part of the roughly 30% of U.S. citizens suffering from poor credit. Out of 220 million eligible, over 68 million Americans have bad or poor credit (lower than 601 score), according to VantageScore. It can happen to anyone. But when your credit score takes a hit, it can often seem impossible to make it bounce back.

But poor credit shouldn’t deny you a line of credit! In fact, the correct card can actually rebuild your credit score over time! Don’t get a card with ultra-high interest rates. These credit cards are specifically designed for you!

Here are a handful of credit cards perfect for those with less-than-optimal credit: 

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Capital One Secured Mastercard

The Capital One Secured Mastercard is one of the strongest credit cards for rebuilding your credit score or establishing solid history. This card also offers no annual fee. Choose the limit on your credit line using this secured card. You can also monitor your credit score over time with CreditWise from Capital One. Your credit line increases as you make on-time payments!

Getting Started: Make a refundable deposit of $49, $99, or $200 to open your card. The amount determines your initial credit line. Once you begin a record of on-time payments, your credit line will increase without further deposits necessary.

Who’s It For?: Looking to boost your credit and increase credit options? Just make your payments on-time every month, and you won’t have to worry about any exorbitant fees. [1]


Indigo Platinum Mastercard

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard ensures that consumers have access to the highest-quality credit card, regardless of past financial difficulties.

Finding a company can be nearly impossible if you have past issues or poor credit score. However, the Indigo is available to just about anyone, including individuals who’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past. With more relaxed guidelines, such as allowing applicants to pre-qualify before dinging credit score, and no security deposit required (just a nominal annual fee), this credit card is a truly amazing, reliable and affordable option.

Getting Started: No secured line of credit or deposit – just use their website to see if you pre-qualify. After opening your account, pay your balance every month on-time to strengthen your credit score and avoid the high interest rate.

Who’s It For?: Have you filed for bankruptcy, either recently and in the past; or have you missed past payments? This card is perfect for those looking to improve their credit score. [2]

Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa

The Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa offers cash back rewards, something not typically offered by its competitors. Those with poor credit often don’t have much selection in terms of credit providers. Almost never are they offered bonus rewards, in addition. Many perks available to those with strong credit scores are simply not when your credit score is less-than-perfect.

But now all of that’s changing thanks to Credit One Bank. This incredible credit card helps you redeem rewards, which can help you to pay off your credit statement quickly.

Getting Started: Pre-qualify without lowering your credit score. No deposit required. Pay off your balance on-time each month. This will help you avoid interest, and earn you 1% back on all purchases. You can even switch or select your payment due date. With just a small annual fee, this card is a realistic option for anyone.

Who’s It For?: Do you have bad credit but still want to redeem rewards? Then this card is absolutely for you. [3]

#1 Way to BOOST Your Credit Today!

Are you ready to start fixing or building up your credit? Don’t let a poor credit score stop you. Designed specifically for those with low credit scores, these credit card options can get you back on track with on-time payments and rewards that boost your score over time.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind though: don’t apply for too many credit cards. Research your options to find what’s best for you. But Every time you send in an application, a hard inquiry appears on your credit report – which can lower your credit and affect it for a whole year. 

You might find it daunting to identify which card is right for you. So take your time. Do your research before applying. Look for cards that can pre-qualify you without affecting your credit score.  There are numerous credit card options out there for you. Plenty of secured and unsecured cards, including those above, will let you pre-qualify. Just make sure to research online. Find cards that meet your needs and credit history, that won’t hurt your score before you even sign up.

Check out some of these search results below to get started:

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