How Can I Get a Permanent Residency Visa in Australia in 2020?

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A large number of people across the world seek permanent residency in Australia. The only way to permanently settle in Australia is by applying and getting approved for the permanent residency or PR visa.

There are various subclasses of Australian permanent residency visas that are offered by the Australian Government to deserving candidates. If you too wish to gain the Australian PR visa, check some of the highlights about it here.

Benefits of Permanent Residency Visa in Australia

Permanent residents in Australia are served with numerous benefits by the Government of Australia. Some of the prominent benefits of Australian PR visa are:

  • The PR visa allows you to work and live in the country for an indefinite period of time.
  • On successful approval of this visa, a person can enter and leave Australia innumerable times within the starting period of 5 years. After the duration of 5 years, you have to again renew the visa and meet the criteria.
  • Once you respectfully spend initial years in Australia as a permanent resident, you become eligible for its citizenship.
  • There are numerous privileges and rights enjoyed by permanent residents in Australia such as convenient access to subsidized and free health and legal services.
  • Permanent residents in Australia can conveniently sponsor their spouse or relatives to the country ensuring that they meet the support requirements and residence criteria.
  • One major benefit of an Australian PR visa is that it offers you the right to apply for the consular assistance program in Australia.
  • If your permanent residency visa gets approval from the New Zealand government, you can gain the right to work, study and travel in New Zealand.
  • Partners holding a PR visa in Australia and giving birth to children in the country will secure Australian citizenship for their children right from birth.

All these benefits are available to individuals holding an Australian PR visa. To successfully secure this visa, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

Important Requirements to Apply for Australia Permanent Resident Visa

One of the most important requirements that a person has to fulfill in order to gain an Australian PR visa is to pass the ‘point-based immigration system.’ In addition to this, the other vital requirements which an applicant must meet are:

  • Key Documents – An applicant has to arrange all important documents to apply for the PR visa in Australia. The vital documents to offer are:
  1. All documents of educational proof
  2. Travel documents
  3. Latest English Language Proficiency Test or IELTS result
  4. Report of Skill Assessment from a certified assessing authority
  • Selecting Adequate PR Visa Category – There are various PR visa categories you may select from. The common PR visa categories are subclass 190, subclass 186, subclass 189, and more.
  • Selecting an occupation from the SOL – Once an adequate category is selected, you may select your preferred occupation from the SOL or skilled occupation list. You may choose an occupation from the SOL when you are applying for the non-sponsored visa and if you apply for a state nominated visa you may select an occupation from the list of eligible skilled occupations.
  • Point-Based System – To apply for the point-based system, you have to provide an EOI or Expression of Interest. Here, you have to provide vital profile details including your work experience, education, language, age, and more. You earn a point for each valid factor. The total score must be a minimum of 65 points. But if your score is higher than 65 points, you will certainly gain an edge over the others.
  • Character and Health Requirements – An applicant must meet the character and health requirements which means you, have to be morally good and medically fit. There are various certifications that you need to provide after undergoing a character verification and medical examination process.

These are some of the important aspects of the Australian PR visa. In order to successfully apply and secure this visa, you have to meet more in-depth details. To know about all such details and ask support for the same you may contact the industry experts.