Barstool’s Dave Portnoy and Somerville Pizza Shop Owner Engage in Fiery Pizza Review Disagreement

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“One Bite Sparks Chaos: Dave Portnoy’s Pizza Review Showdown in Somerville, Massachusetts!”

What began as a single bite taken by Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports outside a Somerville, Massachusetts pizza joint turned into a major commotion, and the video capturing the incident has now gone viral with millions of views online.

Portnoy has gained fame for his pizza reviews, where he samples slices from various pizzerias around the country.

However, in a recent pizza review conducted on Thursday, the “stoolpresidente” found himself engaged in a heated exchange with the owner of Dragon Pizza.


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It all started with Portnoy critiquing the pizza’s floppiness and expressing his opinion that the overpowering taste of parmesan didn’t suit his palate. Ultimately, he gave the pizza a rating of 6.4.

Moments later, the pizza shop’s proprietor emerged, voicing his displeasure with Dave Portnoy’s actions, stating, “I don’t appreciate your approach of passing judgment on a business based on a single bite.”

Portnoy, undeterred, escalated his critique, deeming the pizza in question as “subpar” and vigorously defending his mission to support small businesses.

The owner returned to confront Portnoy, urging him to vacate his spot on the sidewalk where he was filming. The exchange quickly devolved into a profanity-laden argument, marked by a volley of insults that extended beyond the size of the owner’s attire.

Dragon Pizza took to its Instagram page, sharing a caricature of the pizza shop owner making a vulgar gesture towards Portnoy. Since the release of Barstool Sports’ video on Thursday, the pizzeria has even begun selling T-shirts featuring the controversial design.

Meanwhile, a simple paper plate hung on the door of Dragon Pizza on Friday with a succinct message: “We are not discussing this. Orders only.”

You can watch it on Youtube here. Normally we would embed the video for you – but Youtube made it age restricted for some reason!